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AutoTag Whats New Version 7


  • You can now schedule reports in AutoTag Max

  • Recorder DataSource - This is deprecated as of version 14.0.

  • SQL Schema Support added

  • Some small additions to the bean API

  • Read explicit z-order for RTF templates

  • Added support for cell spacing

  • Updated default values in template to Word 2007 values. Can set to use old Word 2003 values in the properties file.

  • Decreased the memory footprint when running a bit

  • Added support for SQL Server databases using schema owners other than DBO

  • Added support for PowerPoint 2000

  • New installer

  • Builds ODBC connection strings in AutoTag for 8 additional DB vendors

  • You can now import XLSX templates using the import & out tags

  • Student version licensing

  • Updated documentation

  • Access specific connector (using ODBC)

  • PostgreSQL connector

  • ODBC tested against the MS SQL, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, PostGRE and MS Access

  • Text boxes now handled inside tables

  • Added txt.use_soft_eoln and ProcessTxt.setUseSoftEoln() to the API

  • Auto-join tables for PostgreSQL

  • Added pdf.font_mapping to properties that can be set - lets you map PDF font names

  • Implemented support for all Excel cell fill styles (except for XLS output)

  • Updated to the latest ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib for zip file operations on .NET

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