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AutoTag Whats New Version 8

AutoTag 8 introduced new functionality, features and fixes, including:

  • XLS and XLSX files as data sources. You no longer have to spend time converting your spreadsheets into XML files or SQL databases.

  • Enhanced tags. New and updated tags streamline the process of adding data to report templates.

  • Improved wizards. SQL and XPath wizards have more features and options.

  • Better graphics and data selection for charts.More flexibility in data selection and chart layouts means it's even easier to display data visually, and the data is easier to comprehend.

  • Reports that can be sent directly to a printer. If you need a report on a set basis, you can schedule it to be printed automatically and others can pick it up fresh from the printer.

  • Additional PowerPoint functionality. Themes, master slide styling, tables and charts have all been enhanced.

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