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What's New Version 14

​New Addition


Reintroduction of PowerPoint support Includes support for new ForEach and slide break handling, table header row repeat across slide breaks, and native Microsoft support for charts and images.
Redesigned PDF Output Support This new integration will allow for processing of complex scripts and bi-directional text such as Arabic.  Your PDF output will be much tighter and more closely match your template, and we’ll be able to respond rapidly to PDF requests and fixes.
Additional Refinement for HTML Output

This includes:

  • Better handling for background images and colors
  • Improved indentation for ordered and unordered lists
  • Better handling of template header and footer images
Support for Google Application Engine Integration The ability to integrate the Windward Engine into Google’s cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web applications dubbed Google Applications Engine (GAE).
Tag color coding Each tag type has a specific color) that can be turned on or off.   This will help users identify tags (and their matching pairs, IE end forEach, end IF, end switch, end LINK) visually and easily in the templates
Added and redesigned Javelin into the RESTful Engine Javelin and AutoTag Max are end of life starting in version 15.  Version 14 is the last official version where they exist
Dropped official support for Access and Excel data sources The functionality still exists but will not be supported.
Dropped support for Office 2002/XP Microsoft dropped it a year ago and Windward always extends 1 year beyond Microsoft’s end of life. Template formats dropped: RTF, WordML (Word file in XML encoding) and SpreadML(Excel Spreadsheet in XML encoding).


14.1 - Initial release

Advanced Data Source Interface for OData, REST and URL Connections A custom advanced data source interface that will allow you to pass your own parameters and authorization tokens on initial connection or on each request.  This also allows for additional as well as custom security protocols implementations.
Expanded OData Functionality Addition of features such as grouping, multi-tenancy, secured authentication and an HTTP injection security token for each individual session, as well as variable selection for use with an OData data source
Macro Additions

Date and Time

Conditional Logic

Math and Trigonometry

Text and String Functions

Side-by-Side forEach Loops in the Same Excel Spreadsheet Support for placing forEach loops in block mode horizontally next to each other in neighboring columns.
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